The store was started by two friends, Davanna and Stephanie, as a way for local homeschoolers to actually “put their hands” on books rather than shop through catalogs. In September 2001, Davanna felt led to pursue another interest, and I (Stephanie) took over the business as sole proprietor.

The store was located in a room of my old farmhouse until May 2022. It has grown from a few hundred books to over 7,000 items. In April and May of 2022, an old building on my property was completely remodeled. Thirty-two men, women and children from Breezy Hill Baptist Church volunteered their time and talents to transform the building into a new store. It is an understatement to say I am humbled and grateful for all of their hard work. 

For many years the store was primarily a hobby I enjoyed, and the small profit I earned funded the extracurricular activities of my six children. I became a single mom in 2014. Since then the store has become my only source of income I am thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness over the last two decades. It is a blessing to work from home and continue to homeschool my two youngest children.   I am grateful for the friends who volunteer in the store, especially during the busy summer months. I am in awe of the number of consignors the store has from over 18 states and extremely appreciative of every order placed through

Homeschooling has certainly changed over the last two decades. Families homeschool for many different reasons, using a variety of methods. Nevertheless, they all have the common goal of educating their children. I am unashamedly pro-homeschool and love to encourage people in their homeschooling journey.