Biology Dissecting Tools and More

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Biology Dissecting Tools and More

Details: miscellaneous set of biology related items includes –

  • Lens Paper – recommended for cleaning the lenses of microscopes, packet of 50 sheets – some missing, most in tact and unused
  • Cover slips for making your own slides (slides not included)
  • Methylene Blue Chloride – approximately half a bottle, stain on back of label
  • Box of T-Pins – 1.5″
  • Dissecting Pan – 10″x7 – blue mat is stained, but clean
  • three medicine droppers (two never used and sealed in a package)
  • Dissection Tool Set in a hard blue plastic case, which includes
    stainless steel forceps
    a scalpel handle
    ten unused, never opened #sterile blades
    curved teasing needle
    straight teasing needle
    a medicine dropper
    clear plastic ruler

Condition: Good
Publisher:  Home Training Tools