Cornerstones of Freedom – Set of 8

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Cornerstones of Freedom – Set of 8 Books

Details: hardback, vintage editions with matte covers, bindings tight,one has a lot of writing on the leaflet page and inside front and back covers, two have names on the inside front cover. Conditions range from minor or minimal wear on corners. Set includes –

  1. The Story of D-Day
  2. The Story of the Constitution
  3. The Story of the Statue of Liberty
  4. The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  5. The Story of the Declaration of Independence
  6. The Story of The U.S.S. Arizona
  7. The Story of The Haymarket Riot
  8. The Story of Lexington and Concord (glossy finish/cover)

Condition: Good
Publisher: Weekly Reader Books – Children’s Press
Author(s): Prolman , Richards, Stein , Miller