Sonlight Core F : Eastern Hemisphere – Set of 44 Books

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Sonlight Core F / Core 5 – Eastern Hemisphere – Set of  44 Books

Details:  set does not include instructor’s guide; all books are in good to very good condition, most have a blue sticker on the binding to represent the core/set;  some may have a name on the inside cover or leaflet page’ some books have a name label marked out in the inside cover,; no other writing unless otherwise noted; Set includes –

  1.  Case for Kids – Lee Stobel (Case for a Creator, For Christ and for Faith
  2. Remembering God’s Awesome Acts  – Teacher’s Manual, tear on front cover, student workbook not included
  3. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy – fourth edition
  4. Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities
  5. Teresa of Cacutta
  6. A Glorious Age in Africa
  7. Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde
  8. Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun
  9. God’s Adventurer – Hudson Taylor
  10. Habibi
  11. Listening for Lions – tear on front cover and leaflet page
  12. The Cat Who Went to Heaven
  13. Li Lun Lad of Courage
  14. Rascal
  15. Red Sand, Blue Sky
  16. Water Sky – some bent page corners, normal use wear
  17. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  18. Fun with Easy Origami
  19. All the small poems and fourteen more
  20. Journey to Jo’burg – lots of creases on cover
  21. Island of the Blue Dolphins – crease on cover, marks on edge of pages seen only when book is closed
  22. Born in the Year of Courage
  23. Call it Courage
  24. King of the Wind
  25. The Kite Fighters
  26. Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories
  27. Around the World in Eighty Days
  28. The Big Wave
  29. The Arabs in the Golden Age
  30. FACES – Australia through Time
  31. Shadow Spnner
  32. The House of Sixty Fathers
  33. Young Fu
  34. Daughter of the Mountains – number written on front cover
  35. The Master Puppeteer
  36. The Land I Lost
  37. Seven Daughters and Seven Sons – tear on back cover
  38. Tales of a Korean Grandmother
  39. World Book DVD – Encyclopedia, Atlas and Dictionary – no scratches
  40. Ricksaw Girl
  41. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
  42. I Rode a Horse of Mile White Jade
  43. A Long Walk to Water
  44. Breaking Stalin’s Nose – hardback with jacket
  45. Louis Braille – a book by Margaret Davidson
  46. Ali and the Golden Eagle – a Wayne Grover book
  47. Silkworms – a Sylvia A. Johnson book
  48. Explorers News – a Candlewick Press book
  49. India the Culture – a Bobbie Kalman book
  50. India the People – a Bobbie Kalman book




Condition: Very Good
Publisher: Sonlight